errata for C++ Common Knowledge by Stephen C. Dewhurst

(2nd printing)

Stephen's errata page.

where erratum correct
page 69 missing destructor for class Button ~Button {... delete action_; ...}
otherwise we have a memory leak

page 70: no need to new PlayMusic because it is cloned inside of setAction

auto_ptr<PlayMusic> song (new PlayMusic ("AnokoNoNamaewa.mp3"));
b->setAction (song.get ());
instead one could write
b->setAction (&PlayMusic ("AnokoNoNamaewa.mp3"));
probably not all compilers are too excited about taking a reference of a temporary but it should be ok, or alternatively
PlayMusic pm ("AnokoNoNamaewa.mp3");
b->setAction (&pm);

page 217 typedef True char; typedef char True;