errata for C++ Templates by Nicolai M. Josuttis and David Vandevoorde

(8th printing)

The authors did acknowledge the errata and may eventually put them onto their errata-page.

where erratum correct
page 157, sec. 10.4.3, 2nd sent. ..., and this meant that it (1) used the C ... and (b) used the local ... shouldn't it read instead of (1) - (b), something like (1) - (2) or (a) - (b)?
page 374 Holder<...>: no member-funtion get_pointer the member-function is get (see class-templ.-def. on page 368-369)
page 412, fig. 21.1, 3rd line Duo<bool, Tuple<float, double, NullT, NullT, NullT>::BaseT> // ident. to line 2 Duo<bool, Tuple<int, float, double, NullT, NullT>::BaseT>